Monday, November 12, 2007

How To Take Fishing Photos You Can Publish Or Sell: On Location What Images to Shoot?

On Location, What Images to Shoot?

On location at a salt water or fresh water fishing site, a range of images from close ups to scenic overviews will be useful. Try shooting at different angles and from different heights. Take portraits, group and individual shots of un-posed people. Photograph the food, facilities, products and people. Keep an eye out for splashes of color, interesting scenes, unusual clothing or situations. Don’t forget to get close-ups and images of species indigenous to your particular region. Remember the fish head in a bucket I posted earlier? Look for dynamic visual imagery that “grabs” your eye like that.

Inquiring minds want to know
In your enquiries to editors, if you offer a selection of photos and graphics, you’re going to start getting much more of the editor’s attention. Don’t send any photos yet, just mention that they’re available. You’ll know what format the publication uses from reading the Photographer’s Guidelines. Usually six or eight photos should do it. That means if you have around a dozen items available to send in for review and approval, you have an excellent chance of making the pitch sell. My first few months doing this more than tripled my success rate without changing anything else.

How, what and where
A Google search for “fishing magazines” will yield hundreds of titles and website locations. Go to their websites and look under photographer guidelines for more info on how and where to submit your pictures. Stop by a local newsstand or two for copies of fishing, outdoor and sports magazines you can contact for your area. Don’t forget the local and regional newspapers either. Some other Google – searchable themes include:

• Fishing publications both online and print
• Outdoor magazines, periodicals and websites
• vacation magazines, newsletters and websites
• travel websites, online and print publications
• blogs on fishing, nature, vacation travel and the outdoors
• e-zines from sporting goods suppliers and fishing, outdoor and travel specialists
• newsletters and web-content on fishing and any related themes
• websites for any fishing, nature, outdoor or related topic

If you need a virtual “kick-in-the-pants” to get you going in the right direction or have an additional question, please feel free to e-mail me.

So get out there and start taking a few shots with your next fishing trip already in mind. Dogs bark, birds fly, and fishermen fish – and offer their photos (and articles) to their local newspapers and favorite fishing, nature, outdoor and travel magazines for extra income. It’s what we do, right?

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