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How to Fly at the Beach

The beach isn’t just for kids and teenagers
Of course, as we said, the beach isn’t just for kids and teenagers. All the family can enjoy the shore provided there aren’t “elbow-to-elbow” tourists. You can also do more than just get a tan (or a sunburn). Get up, get active, and take to the skies. The usual old favorites are always fun which is why they’re still popular. For some suggestions on alternative beach front vacation activities see the article entitled “Unique Things to Do at the Beach”. Here are suggestions to consider for taking your beach time into the air.

Photo: Frazier Jones fishing kites at:

Fly a kite
Kite-flying is such a natural beach front activity that they are sold on or near many beaches. Mornings and late afternoons to evening there are usually good sea breezes along most beaches. But why wait until you get there to try your hand? You can comfortably bring one of your own and have a much different (or much better) kite than everyone else. You’ll also know how to launch and fly your own kite with a bit of practice before hand. It can also make for a good conversation generator. If you’re a kite-flying novice, check out these websites for more information and even plans for building and flying your own.

• Have ever wanted to build a kite? Well, here is a simple kite you can make your self!

• These are the complete time tested instructions to get 20 kids making their own kites and flying them in 20 minutes.


• Make a kite from BBQ skewers and White Kitchen tidy bag, with perhaps a bread bag cut into a long streamer for a tail.

• How to make a kite. While kites are inexpensive to buy, making one adds to the fun. You'll be especially proud when your diamond-shaped creation takes to the sky.

• This site is about Kites - how to build kites, and includes plans for kites. Kite flying has been a popular hobby for hundreds of years and has evolved from the diamond figure and long tail the Victorian children enjoyed.

• Kites are fun for young and old alike. You can build your own kite, or help your kids build one by reading this article!

• The Panflute is a soft kite (no sticks) made of 7 connected windsock like tubes or cells. It has a good wind range and flies at an angle of 30-40 degrees. It flies with a side-to-side sway, or wobble, making this kite very pleasant to look at in the sky, particularly with a long ribbon tail, or other decoration. The kite is a great for families. It can be stuffed in a bag, and flown on the beach. Bury the handle in the sand and leave flying to mark your picnic spot.

So don’t just go to the beach and lay there like a fish out of water. Yes you can always go salt water fishing, but you can also take to the water or better yet, take to the skies. You’ll never look at a beach resort vacation the same again.

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