Saturday, November 03, 2007

How To Take Fishing Photos You Can Publish Or Sell

Selling the Story and Photos

While walking along a busy dock on the Pacific coast of Colombia, I saw a teenage deckhand carrying a huge fish head in a bucket. The red head with its blue eyes and deadly-looking rows of dagger-like teeth made a stunning sight. I just had to take the shot. Waiting around a bit netted me a story about the unusual catch an elderly fisherman had made and the plans he had for the monster-sized Red Snapper head in the bucket. I sold the story and the photo. But the editor paid me more for the photos than he did for the story. A light went on in my head!

Dogs bark, birds fly, and fishermen fish. It’s what we do, right? So why should a dedicated salt water of fresh water fisherman now become a serious shutterbug? Well, how about to increase your exposure, boost your pride, improve your credibility and get a little extra income? Not to mention bragging rights for having your photo in a local, regional or national publication. Are any of those reasons that might interest you? Then read on Bunky, here’s the scoop.

Offer a complete package

Overworked editors will often jump at the chance for a complete package of text plus art. It means they don’t have to search for photos and graphics to accompany their articles, saving them time, costs and stress. If you can write up a short blurb of text to go along with your photos of Bass, Trout, catfish or shark, all the better. Most magazines also pay extra for photography as well giving what might be a mediocre rate for an article alone a stiff boost when the photo fees are added in. Again padding the pay envelope – and you don’t mind THAT now do you?

In the next post, "What Kinds of Photos to Take"

See you then.

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